Glitter Canvas Art

This summer my husband has been traveling a bunch for work. It’s given me some extra time to check off projects from my to-do list. I have a long running list in my phone of projects I’d like to do in my house. It’s probably kind of weird but I love lists.

I wanted to replace the photos above the girls’ towels in their bathroom. I had stuck some photos up there when we moved in just because there was already a nail there and they were pictures I already had. It didn’t look great.



This bathroom altogether kind of makes me cringe but my girls love it. When we looked at the house originally it had a hot pink, black, and light pink Paris theme. Black and light pink everywhere–and tons of decals. I’m just not a decal fan. Sorry to be a decal snob..I just hate them. There I said it. But when you’re moving to a new house anything that your kids are excited about is a plus and they loved the house with the pink bathroom. So we made a compromise to keep 2 decals instead of the 45 that were in there (ok there weren’t really 45 but there was probably 12).


I toned down the shower curtain to a mostly white one with white towels, got rid of the paris drawer pulls and did silver pulls. So next was replacing the photos above their towels. The girls wanted something with glitter!

I had 2 16″x20″ canvases left over from other projects, we went to the store for glitter, spray glue, and cardboard letters.


I sprayed the glue in a small area and let the girls dump on glitter. 05glitter-canvas-art-powertools-and-polkadots03glitter-canvas-art-powertools-and-polkadots02glitter-canvas-art-powertools-and-polkadots  06glitter-canvas-art-powertools-and-polkadots

We started on the letters with the same process.


I tried to hot glue the letters to the canvas…that wasn’t the best idea…they fell off and dumped tons of glitter everywhere.


I ended up having to buy a little sewing kit and sewing the letters to the canvas.11glitter-canvas-art-powertools-and-polkadots

You really can’t see the thread unless you’re looking for it.


The girls were thrilled with their project and we got to work on one together so mom liked that 😉


If I were to do it over I would have used the large glitter chunks on the letters as well. The girls really wanted to the powdery glitter for their letters but the texture didn’t look as good as the background in my opinion. And I wouldn’t have used hot glue that first time to attach the letters…so much glitter fell…




$80 DIY Sliding Door

You. Guys. I think I’m freaking out over a door…yes a door. I love our house but for some reason there wasn’t a door between our master bedroom and master bathroom. My poor hubby was getting ready in the dark to try and not wake me up on early mornings.





I really wanted a sliding door but the hardware alone for those guys is like $300 not including a door. I was pretty pumped to find a few pinterest tutorials I could mix together to find a cheaper solution. I only spent $80. Icing on the cake.

My supply list:

  • Door
  • Paint
  • 3/4″ Plumbing Pipe (I got 1″ and wish I would have gotten 3/4″ I’ll explain later)
  • 2 floor flanges
  • 2 90degree street elbows (make sure it’s a street elbow and not a regular elbow)
  • 2 casters
  • 2 screw eye hooks
  • 1 pine board 1″x4″
  • Frosted Glass Spray paint


I found this awesome door at Restore Habitat for Humanity for $40 (Restore is like a thrift store for home stuff and construction supplies and all the proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity). KC has a few locations but my fav is the one on 87th and Farley.


Sand it. Paint it.


Distress it.


Tape off your windows and spray your glass with frosted glass spray paint. I was surprised that it didn’t get blotchy. I was able to get 5 coats out of one can and it was just what I wanted.


Drill pilot holes for your screw eye hooks (you don’t want your wood to split!). Screw in the hooks, make sure they’re sticking out equal distance from the door. So! My pipes were 1″. Most screw eye hooks have a hole that is 1″ in diameter. I needed a hook that was larger than 1″. I had the hardest time finding one-I called 5 stores before finding one that worked. Blah! So get pipes, flanges, and elbows that are 3/4″.

Drill pilot holes for your casters and attach them.


Spray paint your pipes.


Since my pipe length didn’t match up with the studs on my wall, I attached a 1″x4″ pine board to the studs. (Make sure to set your door against the wall to know the correct height.)

Attach one flange and elbow to the pipe and attach them to the pine board. Leave the other side open of your pipe open so you can slide your door on and make sure it’s the right height. We had to adjust the height of our screw hooks a few times to get it just right. Then attach your other elbow and flange.


Ours made an awful squeaky sound so I used some PAM the cooking spray on the pipes and it worked like a charm! Smooth sliding and no high pitch girl scream sound!